The Archetype - New Charm Collection

I've been intrigued by the idea of the Archetype; the secret forces behind human behaviour, which exist in a non physical realm. An inner entity that triggers our basic instincts and emotions to come to pre-existing patterns and predictable behavioural outcomes. These archetypes embody the basic human motivation. 

With this idea in mind, the collection materializes each archetype with little omens. The first three are The Caregiver, The Creator and The Ruler.

Many more to come. If you're curious to follow along, I'll be sharing the creation process on my IG stories. 

Much love, 


Design Challenge - 40 Designs : 40 Days

I've been in search of inspiration for my next collection through literature this past month. If I'm being honest, I've always relied on the "outside forces" (genius/universe/divine... whatever you want to call it) to bring in inspiration. Those creative breaks are incredible but are scarce.

This month I've found brilliance in the idea that inspiration and motivation is the by product of action. With this thought in mind,  I decided to embark on a personal challenge to inspiration and create 40 designs in 40 days (rain on shine). 

I am one week into the challenge and I feel liberated. Designing for the sake of designing (without a production or material restriction) I've discovered a new side of my aesthetic that I didn't know existed. The sketches that I've done so far have a lot of masculine lines which come as a surprise since I've always created pieces with feminine and freeform line..

I'm super excited to see the 40 designs come together and see which ones I choose to create for my next collection. 

Here are some snapshots:

Design Challenge Anastassia Sel Jewelry.jpg
Design Challenge Anastassia Sel Jewelry 7.jpg
Design Challenge Anastassia Sel Jewelry 9.jpg
Design Challenge Anastassia Sel Jewelry 8.jpg
Design Challenge Anastassia Sel Jewelry 3.jpg
Design Challenge Anastassia Sel Jewelry 2.jpg
Design Challenge Anastassia Sel Jewelry 6.jpg

For other artists and designers out there, I truly recommend this challenge. It really helps to unlock those creative juices.

Much love, 


Inspired by heirlooms and nordic escapades

We are so excited to introduce new products to our line as the business continues to grow. This year we have taken a deep dive into fine jewelry, as the demand for our engagement ring collection continues to flourish (Yay!).

We have found that gold and precious gemstones have become more than just materials for us but little treasures that we arrange and rearrange to create poetic delights. With this thought in mind, we have decided to continue in the direction of exclusively fine.

As we keep the momentum going in our designs, we went searching for new inspiration to Iceland; the land of ice and fire. 

We saw water in so many forms and land that was rich with supernatural wonder and folklore. 

One of our adventures took us behind a waterfall, where we found moss infused with droplets of water, accumulated from the mist hovering in the air.  

Anastassia Sel Jewelry - Inspiration - Iceland.JPG

Needless to say, we were mesmerized by these tiny diamond drop like wonders. The design that was born from that experience was instantaneous; diamond mist drops

Anastassia Sel Jewelry - Rose Cut Diamond Threaders.jpg

Side story -  When Anastassia was 9, her mom had a crystal jewelry box. When her parents were away, Anastassia would rummage through it for hours, indulging in it's adornments . One of her favourite pieces was a single golden threader that she was dying to wear when she (finally) got her ears pierced. Always majestic,  no matter the number of times she looked at it. 

Fast forward 20 years, this tiny heirloom now sits in Anastassia's jewelry box. 

Anastassias Moms threader.jpg

In light of Mother's Day, we created a rendition of Anastassia's heirloom piece, dedicated to her mom.

May the new one bring as much happiness to someone as it did her.




Small Victories

While following your dream can be extremely self fulfilling, it can also mean long hours, sleepless nights and even fear (to not utilize one's own potential). Throughout the years we've learned that the best way to tame those fears is to relish in small victories. A sale, a new client, a publication, or a stranger wearing one of our pieces. 

This month we've received a number of small victories and wanted to share them with you all.

Elle Canada July 2017 

Profile Feature:

Editorial Feature:

On-line feature:

Our proudest moment this month would have to be Nelly Furtado wearing our palm cuff and Assipio Ring in Elle Quebec July 2017 issue. My Portuguese husband is super proud of this one, as am I.


We feel eternally grateful and hope for many more small (and big) victories to come. 



From Sketch to Reality

It's a beautiful day that we are happily spending in our favourite spot(our studio). With the warm weather finally here, we are working on a number of unique rings for our soon to be engaged and married couples. Over the years, we've noticed that custom orders, especially wedding and engagement projects, give us the most meaning to our work. Sketching designs, together with the bride and groom, and creating a story that they wear for the rest of their lives... its beyond words. It's poetry.

Anastassia Sel Jewelry - Custom Engagement Ring - Toronto - Sketch.jpg


The process first begins with initial sketches based on the couple's description and inspirations. 





After this, our designs are created in digital form for the customer's approval. 




Anastassia Sel Jewelry - Cast Ring.JPG




Following this, the piece is created in wax and cast using the desired metal. 




After this, the cast ring is sanded, polished, set with stones and brought to life. 

Custom engagement rings are a great option for those with a specific vision and desire for a ring that is truly one of a kind.

A :)

Studio Life

I've been in the studio all week getting ready for INLAND, and finishing pieces for my dear clients in the US and UK (you guys are amazing!). Putting the final touches on pieces and packaging has to be my favourite part of the process. Everything comes together like a perfect painting. With that said, I thought I'd share what my packaging process looks like!

Anastassia Sel Jewelry - Branding - Contemporary Jewelry - Alternative Bridal - Boxes.png

Now, back to work! 



Choosing the Ring Box

Lately I've been wildly obsessed with everything vintage. This week its specifically small, French, vintage inspired velvet ring boxes. Surprisingly enough these beauties are available only in a handful of shops. Below are some of my favourites. 

THE MRS BOX: Vintage inspired velvet ring boxes offered in every hue imaginable.


AMONIE: Using the finest velvet and ribbon, Amonie engagement ring boxes are custom designed in Australia.  Each piece is handmade and has a heirloom quality, ensuring they will be a treasure to keep for generations to come.