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Anastassia Sel Jewellery was founded by Anastassia Selezneva in 2015. Selezneva’s bespoke jewellery has been featured in Canadian publications such as Elle, Flare, Glow and Vulkan magazines and has walked the New York, Milan and Toronto runways. Her work can be found in various fashion boutiques and galleries in Canada, US and online. Raised in southern part of Russia, the founder and lead designer, Anastassia grew up in the prairies where the summers are hot and the winters are wild. Her family had a piece of land which provided their food for the year.

Always outside, she developed a love for the elements from which she now draws her inspiration from. Each design first takes form in her mind as wearable expressions and then is either fabricated by hand or wax cast to create one of a kind creations. Each piece is 100% handcrafted in Canada using precious and semi-precious materials both in raw and finished states.

Anastassia believes in the design philosophy that each piece should be made for the wearer so that it can share an individual story, much like a person has their own story and journey.


The fundamental meaning to life and our existence is manifested by our ability to share love. To share sentiment. To share humility. To share a story. To share something so simple, yet so complex.

I make jewellery to share a bit of myself, my love and my story."
– Anastassia.